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To everyone out there whose going through a number of things. Whether it be depression , anxiety , self harm , suicidal thoughts , eating disorders ..anything that takes a gigantic toll on you or the people around you. I want you too know that it gets better , not right away but in due time , and when it does get better . You’ll look back on that dark moment of your life and feel proud that you didn’t do anything dire , something that you’d later on regret or maybe even worst, I want all my followers too read this . Listen, I know how it is too have that dark cloud hovering over you . Whether it be for a split second , or a long damn time. Sadly I have marks too remind me of it all the time . So please babies.. put down the blade , and too clear your mind? Go out get some fresh air , scream if you need too . Or talk too me . I care . So too all my followers and more.. this is for you. I - love - you.. ♡